Individual members of the Rotary Club of Ione have devised their own micro community service projects that when taken together make a grand impact on our community. During a Rotary District 5190 training session retire Ione teacher Judy Finch heard about making Birthday Bags for families in need. Walla; just a few weeks later Judy’s first individual program was born when she delivered the first batch of Birthday Bags to the Amador Interfaith Food Bank. Each delightfully decorated bag contains: a box of cake mix, cake pans, frosting, candles, balloons and a horn. Clients of the Food Bank have been very appreciative of this program.


After the success of her Birthday Bag project Judy was inspired to try another pilot project suggested at the training, which recycles food coupons discarded at the Post Office. By placing an empty box with a Rotary sign next to it stating that coupons are collected to extend the resources of the Food Bank folks have been sorting through the throw-away papers and placing coupons in the box. Judy delivers the coupons daily and those that the Food Bank can’t be used immediately go to a service group supplying military families where their expiration date is extended indefinitely. These are small steps by individuals that make a huge difference in the lives of people living on the edge of poverty.



Another small project, from an international prospective that was brought the Ione Rotary by Sharon Long is the WAPI. Slightly more complex and labor intensive than Judy’s Birthday Bags is the WAPI a water pasteurization indicator. The assembly process is guided but member and local wine maker Andrew Tanis using polycarbonate tubing, stainless steel and wax thousands of these little devices are being used to render water safe for drinking in areas of the world where treated water is not available. Ione Rotary assembles the WAPI’s and with the help of local travelers gets them to parts of the world where they can be used.



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Did you know that every day approximately 6000 children under 5 die from water borne illnesses? One child every
14 seconds… over 2 million each year. In fact, water-related diseases are responsible for 80% of all illnesses and
deaths in the developing world. Worldwide, about 1.3 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water,
including nearly half of the population of sub-Sahara Africa.
(Water Pasteurization Temperature Indicator)? A WAPI is a simple
low-cost device containing a special soy wax that, when melted, allows users to determine when
water, milk and other liquids have reached pasteurization temperatures. And…the WAPI is reusable
and virtually indestructible. Disease-causing organisms in water, milk and other liquids are killed by
exposure to heat in a process known as pasteurization. The WAPI pasteurization is accomplished
in less time and with much less scarce fuel than boiling. What does this mean? In many parts of the
world women and children spend hours traveling great distances in unsafe territory to scavenge for
scraps of wood and brush for the daily fi re. To boil liquid requires 212 degrees F. The WAPI stretches
the use of the fuel because Pasteurization takes place when the liquid is heated to 149 degrees F (65
degrees C) for a short period of time rendering it free from microbes, including E Coli, Rotaviruses;
Giardia and Hepatitis A virus. The WAPI indicates that liquid has reached 160 degrees F rendering
the liquid pasteurized and safe for drinking.
The WAPI can be used for pasteurizing over most fuel sources
including wood, charcoal, gas and solar cookers.
100% of your donations are spent to acquire the supplies required to build the
WAPIs. Checks to: Monterey Peninsula Sunrise Rotary Club. Send to PDG Don Kremer, 615 17th
Street, Pacifi c Grove, CA 93950.
WAPI is a World Service Project from the Rotary Clubs of District 5230 We have distributed about 21300 units to date..... they
have gone to Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mexico, Honduras, Armenia, Turkey, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Nepal, Mexico,
Panama, Christmas Islands, Rwanda, Iraq, New Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Senegal, thus far.
ple Distribution: If your Rotary club or organization has international projects in third world
countries and people are drinking unclean water, then the WAPI is an important life-saving tool. If
your organization has not identifi ed a project, make WAPIs anyway. We will assist you in fi nding
a project.
REMEMBER: WAPIs are saving lives as you read this brochure. Need more information? Contact: PDG Don Kremer
District 5230 at Access for more information.
Interested in making WAPIs?
The Monterey Peninsula Sunrise Rotary Club has WAPI Kits available. The WAPI Kit comes
in a small box with assembly instructions and the materials needed to build 200 WAPIs. The
cost of the kit is $85 plus shipping. That’s $.42 per WAPI. Why is this cost so reasonable?
The club purchases the supplies in large quantities at substantial discounts which are passed
on to you. This is a great hands-on project for Interact, Rotoact, Rotary Clubs and other
organizations. The WAPI is simple and fun to build. Your club should have a WAPI party and
save lives! To order WAPI Kits contact PDG Don Kremer at
In many parts of
the world women
and children spend
hours traveling
great distances in
unsafe territory to
scavenge for scraps
of wood and brush
for the daily fi re.
The WAPI requires
much less time
and scarce fuel
than boiling.
Water Pasteurization Indicators WAPI KITS WAPI KITS